Nishantha Perera-Sri Lankan Astrologer

Nishantha Perera – Sri Lankan Astrologer

Who is Nishantha Perera?

Astrology is a very important field throughout the world. But it is even more popular among South Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is home for a hand full of prominent astrologers, and Nishantha Perera is one of them.

He started practicing astrology decades ago. most importantly, his reputation in astrology is quite obvious, as he is the visiting astrologer for many tv programs in Sri Lankan television. He is also the guest astrologer in the famous tv program ‘Vindaneeya Udaasana’ on Hiru tv.


What are Nishantha Perera’s areas of expertise?


Vaastu Vidya

Nishantha Perera is mostly known for ‘Vaastu Vidya’ practices. Vaastu Vidya is a subject that focuses on architecture. This covers houses, buildings, gardens, and a few other aspects. He has won awards related to Vaastu Vidya consecutively.

His Vaastu Vidya services may come valuable to select the most suitable land, get guidelines for architectural plans (of both houses and buildings) and for landscape architecture plans/drawings.

Horoscope Reading

He is an expert in ‘Horoscope Reading’. He is quite famous for his accuracy and his remedies to overcome anything negative or negative that is holding you back from reaching true happiness or success in life.

You can also ‘Create Your Horoscope with Nishantha Perera by providing a couple of data (birth date, time and location). In addition, It is very important to have a proper horoscope, as having the tiniest mistake in your horoscope may result in wrong predictions.

Porondam Galapeema

Although this area was expected to lower in demand with time it is quite the opposite. Modern couples are more open to guidance from areas of astrology and Nishantha Perera is one of the most popular astrologers in Sri Lanka when it comes to ‘Porondam Galapeema’.

Vivaha Nakath Saadeema

‘Vivaha Nakath Saadeema’ is an area that Nishantha Perera is known for. Marriage is a huge step of a man and a woman’s life, and by organizing the ceremonial work according to auspicious times will bring you a huge blessing for successful marriage life.

Seth Kavi Sadeema

Seth Kavi brings great blessings to one’s life. Usually, personalized Seth Kavi is written relating to an individual’s horoscope, in order to bring well-focused blessings to an individual.  Nishantha Perera is quite famous for ‘Seth Kavi Sadeema’. He has a natural knack for the task on top of years and years of experience.

How can you consult Nishantha Perera?

People all over the country line up in front of his office throughout the week. Some come from far corners of the country and sometimes still won’t be able to meet with him. This is how popular Nishantha Perera is.

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